Your company's locations on your smartphone.

Smartphone your business

Your office logistics everywhere, all the time

Map / Route

Help staff navigate to your business locations quickly (offices - client areas – production/technical facilities) – even undisclosed or business continuity sites.

Time reporting and Check-in

Real time check-in and time management. Via QR-Code or RF-ID

Link to company services

Book meeting rooms, transport, parking or car/bus pools

Documents and Images

Store all your location-specific information, whether product manuals, floor plans or factsheets. Photos, documents and access details where and when you need them

Push messaging

Reach all your employees how you want and when you want

Access control

Open electronic doors for meeting rooms, book hot desks, check-in to company events

Simplify the everyday with Mighty-Office

What we do for you

Mighty-Office is lean and fast. It quickly adapts to your company’s processes:

Privacy and security first

Privacy and security have been at the heart of the design of Mighty-Office from day one. We have passed the harshest security tests in Europe.

Runs on smartphones - BYOD

Mighty-Office runs securely on private smartphones allowing companies to roll out services in no time.

Easily integrate contractors

Flexibly integrate subcontractors or partners, for specific areas and specific times.

Integrate Mighty-Office into your company's services

Desk sharing, meeting room reservations, conferencing facilities, catering, printing, teams...all at your fingertips.


Individual expansion ports for specific business units and flexible standard API's allowing multiple services.

Easy administration

Managed by your own staff via a web-based front-end.

Partners & References

Mighty-Office has won a number of start-up competitions and is partnering with numerous renowned accelerators and enterprises:

Don't you think you need Mighty-Office to do your weightlifting?

Send an email to: service@mighty-office.com.

About the founders

How can we help turn your employees into the global nomads of the future?

Alexander de Greiff

Founder & Corporate Entrepreneur

Dennis Rubner

Co-Founder & Business Development

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